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6 Mar

It’s late and I’m tired, but it’s that good kind of tired.

Real good.

Just want to add to Manton’s comments below my own personal thanks to our sponsor, the vendors, guests, panelists, volunteers and attendees of the very first STAPLE! The show was a roaring success, with over 300 people through the door – in spite of the damp weather – lively and interesting panel discussions, super fun pre and after parties, and, of course, tons of fantastic comics, art and zines.

Look here in the upcoming weeks for reports, pics, and announcements about reviews of comics exhibited at the show by Randy Lander, the upcoming STAPLE! dvd, and next year’s show. This one went so well and was so much fun that we pretty much HAVE to do it again.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make STAPLE! completely awesome! See ya again soon.

Chris “Staple-Head” Nicholas


It’s over!

6 Mar

We hope you made it to the show! Thanks to all the exhibitors and attendees for making the show a success! We’ll be posting a report soon, including pictures from the floor and more announcements.

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